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The battle to win The Goan Chef Award

Posted by: nt July 17, 2016 in Buzz


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The Goan Chef Awards is an exclusive event made for the Goan hospitality chefs. The second edition of the event which was held last year will begin on July 25. The event brings together the finest gathering of the industry’s most prestigious Chefs.

“The Goan Chef Awards promotes a culinary passion and excellence in young aspiring chefs. It helps in recognising, rewarding and retaining talent within the Industry,” says CEO, Fennn Trust, Rohan Parish. He goes on to say that the annual awards ceremony, instituted in 2015, is the first of its kind in recognising talent among chefs and awarding them.

Rohan says that chefs in the hospitality industry are the ones who are often incognito, whose efforts are seldom recognised or known. “We want to bring these great people out in the limelight,” says Parish. Through this annual event the organisers are trying to bring out the true essence of Goan culture through hospitality and food. While the competition if for Goan chefs, it is also open to all chefs residing in Goa.

The award he says features a permanent rolling trophy in honour the Goan chef, Boris do Rego who was one of those who lost his life, protecting others at the Taj in Mumbai’s 26/11 terror attacks. “Rego is the true personification of what the tourism industry should be like. What more can you do than lay down your life for your guests while on duty,” says Parish.

Since the organisers want to take the competition to a new level, the winner of the Goan Chef Award will get selected to represent Goa for the Indian Masters – a national level cooking competition for chefs which is slated to be held across 11 cities. The finals of which will be held in Goa. “The finalist of the Indian Masters gets accredited as a signature chef which is equivalent to a 2 star Michelin chef,” informs Parish.

There are various challenges in which a chef can participate. These challenges will be held at Institute of Hotel Management, Porvorim from July 25. The challenges include: traditional Goan curry (chicken), Traditional Goan curry (fish), Traditional Goan Meat (Curry/Grilled), Traditional chorizo, International Cuisine (Vegetables) and the Desserts Parade.

Parish informs that display plates will be provided, however one can bring his own items for decoration on the display table. “The contestants can get their own special tools and cutters, mould and piping bags as required by them. Individual facilities will be provided as against the need along with common facilities for use. The contestants will have their own individual mystery baskets along with common ingredients provided.”

The judges for the event will be eminent chefs and personalities who will judge for taste, texture and consistency, presentation and authenticity, punctuality in presentation, hygiene and cleanliness. There will also be a voting process of final nominations in each category.

The last date for filling entries is July 22.  There is no entry fee for the event and two people make up a team who should compete in their chef’s uniforms.

The entry forms and indemnity page to be filled and signed by the participants is available on www.facebook.com/goanchefawards. Parish informs that the entry forms will be solely accepted on first-come-first-serve basis. Since the Goan Chef Awards is an open event, badges for entry will be given to competitors before the show at the venue.  The venue of the awards night will be announced later.


There will be various challenges conducted for the awards:

Traditional Goan Curry (chicken) – Base dish to be made of chicken with rice and one starter. Competition Date: July 25.

Traditional Goan Fish (curry/fried) – Base dish to be prepared of fish with rice and one starter. Competition Date: July 26

Traditional Goan Meat (Curry / Grilled) – Base dish to be prepared of beef/pork with rice and one starter. Competition Date: July 27

Traditional Chourizo – Base dish to be prepared of Goan pork sausages with rice and one starter. Competition Date: July 28

International Cuisine (Vegetables) – Base dish to be prepared of vegetables with rice and one starter. Competition Date: July 29

Desserts Parade – Two types of deserts with milk, chocolate, fillings, cream. Competition Date: July 30


Judging criteria

Taste: The dish must have appropriate taste and seasoning. In quality, flavour and colour, the taste should conform to the name of the dish.

Texture and Consistency: The dish must conform to the standards of texture and consistency of gravy or masala.

Presentation and Authenticity: Ingredients and side dishes must be in harmony. Points are granted for excellent presentation without compromising the authenticity and originality of the dish.

Punctuality in Presentation: Dishes must be presented at the judges table on specified time. Two points per minute late will be deducted. Competitors will not be allowed to present their dishes out of turn if they finish ahead of time.

Hygiene and Cleanliness: Attention to be paid to hygiene and cleanliness during preparation of food

Voting process of final nominations in each category: Here the final nominations details will be put up on facebook and each category will be put up for voting.